Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is your honey heated/pasteurized?

No. The bees made the precious liquid, and I intend to keep it as close as I can to their final product. Therefore, the honey will never be any warmer than it naturally occurs in the hive.

Do you make honey?

The bees make the honey. I steal it. So, technically I don't make honey.

How do you avoid getting stung?

I don't. I can minimize stings by wearing a bee suit, and smoking the hive to calm them down. However, if the bees are determined to sting me, they are going to sting me.

Do you wear a bee suit?

Sometimes. The suit can get very hot and when I am working with the bees, it is usually on a hot summer day. I often use a smoker to calm down the hive, and hope the bees decide not to grump too bad.

What is a smoker/smoking the hive?

A smoker is a tool that beekeepers use to blow a little smoke onto the bees. Blowing smoke on the bees makes them calmer and less likely to sting. No one is 100% sure why this works, but most people think that the smoke hides alarm pheromones (signals bees give off when threatened). Others think that it causes them to start eating more honey, and that makes them feel full and too lazy to sting.

Do bee stings hurt?

Yeah, they hurt. I don't like to get stung, and probably never will. You just have to say "ow", and then move on with your life. It is part of beekeeping and you have to learn to live with it. Besides, bee stings are good for you. It helps your immune system, arthritis, colds, etc.

Do you have problems with Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD)?

Thankfully, I have not had the problems some beekeepers have had and are having with CCD. I still loose a few hives to other common things that beekeepers have lost hives to for a while now such as cold winters, mites, diseases, pesticides, etc. Other beekeepers and I can usually tell what the problem(s) were with these things and minimize losses. However, it is hard to minimize CCD as no one is 100% sure of what is causing it.

How much honey can you get from a hive?

On a good year you can easily get 10 gallons (120 pounds) from a good hive. However, it disappears quickly. A lot of people like honey and it seems to be gone just as quick as I can get it off the hive.

Can you remove a hive or swarm of honey bees for me?

There is a good chance I can! For more information, see my web-page on swarm removal. I always appreciate a chance to get another hive!